3 Cloud Mining Recommendations on 1 Device

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3 Cloud Mining Recommendations on 1 Device

Mining crypto is one way to make money. Because crypto has become a natural thing and has a high price, There are several crypto coins, such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Tron, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and others.
There are several ways to get coins, from mining, buying coins on a market, or doing tasks to get paid crypto coins. On this occasion, I will share my experiences mining crypto with cloud mining. And use only one device with internet access.
If we only use cloud mining on one device, it will not produce much value. For example, if in 1 cloud mining you get 1 dollar a day, then in 3 cloud mining you will generate 3 dollars.
The following are recommendations for cloud mining websites that can run simultaneously:

1. Tron-free.com
Before using this site, you must register yourself first.
2. Autofaucet.org
For autofaucet, you also have to register an account before using it.
3. ECmining.club

Ways of working:


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To do mining, first open Tron-Free and do mining by pressing the mining button. Do not close the browser, because if it is closed, the mining process will stop. Second, open an autofaucet site and do free mining. As with the previous site, don’t close the browser so that mining continues. Third, open Emining and do mining by pressing the mining power button.

How to withdraw:

After we mine coins on these 3 websites, Move to your faucetpay e-wallet so that it becomes 1. After that, move it to an e-wallet according to your country, for example, Indodax, so that it can be transferred to your account.

Tricks and Tips:

1. Register for a FaucetPay account for an e-wallet and save the mining results from the three websites earlier.

2. On each cloud mining website, use enough power according to the strength of your device. 3. Don’t get it too high because your device will easily overheat and be damaged.

3. Use a fan to cool down our device.

That’s all the mining information for one device with three clouds; hopefully it will provide additional knowledge. There’s nothing wrong with trying it because it’s free, and hopefully it can increase your income from the internet.

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