4 Indonesian Electric Motorcycle Recommendations for 2023

t1800 united motor

4 Indonesian Electric Motorcycle Recommendations for 2023

Electric motors are a new innovation in the automotive world that was created to reduce air pollution in a more environmentally friendly manner. In addition, electric motors are used to reduce the use of fuel oil, which is decreasing day by day. Because fuel oil, whose raw materials are taken from mining,
In Indonesia, there is a program from the government to purchase electric motorbikes; anyone who buys an electric motorbike will get a discount of up to 8 million rupiah. Indeed, the price of electric motors is more expensive than oil-fueled motors, but there are many advantages, including:


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Advantages of electric motors

1. Reducing air pollution

because there is no combustion or smoke emitted from the electric motor. The power generated comes from electricity flowing directly to the dynamo.

2. More economical

Fuel oil prices are quite high and will likely increase in the coming years. If you use an electric motor, namely electric power, the price is, of course, cheaper than fuel. In addition, electricity can be generated through solar panels, wind, or water, which can be obtained free of charge.
In terms of average mileage, 1 battery charged for 5 hours can cover a distance of 50km. Of course, it is more economical than Pertalite or Pertamax fuel.

3. Get subsidies.

If you buy an electric motorcycle in Indonesia, you will get a subsidy of up to 8 million rupiah from the government.
Those are some of the advantages of electric motors, but there are also disadvantages, as follows:

Disadvantages of electric motors

1. The price is quite expensive.
2. The maximum speed so far is still 70 km/h.
3. Charging is not yet available at Indonesian gas stations.
4. Use is still recommended in the city, not outside the city.

After briefly getting to know the advantages and disadvantages of electric motorbikes, these are recommendations for electric motorbikes in Indonesia in 2023. The automotive world will continue to grow, and every year it will produce higher-quality products. Here are four recommendations for electric motorbikes in Indonesia:

1. United Motor T1800

t1800 united motor

There are 4 modes: mode 1 at 50 km/h, mode 2 at 60 km/h, mode 3 at 65 km/h, and turbo mode at 70 km/h.
With one battery, the price is IDR 27.5 million.
With two batteries, the price is IDR 34.25 million.

2. Alva One

alva one white

Alva One Specifications:
maximum speed of 90 km/jam
maximum mileage of 70km on one charge.
4 hours of battery charging
Lithium-ion battery, 60 V, 45 Ah

3. Gesits

gesits red

Gesits electric motor specifications:
– Has 3 modes: 45 km/h, 60 km/h, and 70 km/h.
Battery type: Li-NCM 72V/20Ah.
50 km of mileage for one battery charge
Price: IDR 28 million rupiah.

4. Selis Agats

selis agats

Agats jelly specifications
maximum speed of 60 km/h.
50 km of mileage for one battery charge
sealed acid type battery.
Price: IDR 20 million rupiah.

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