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Automatic Refresh Browser Get Money

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Automatic Refresh Browser Get Money

There are lots of micro jobs that can be done to earn money. Of course, only with a cellphone or laptop with internet access. Easy job to do with no skills but well paid. If done seriously and continuously.
To perform this microtask, you only need to perform a task to refresh your browser. Like other microjob sites, this site also provides many tasks, such as watching videos, subscribing, and others. But there is one task that is quite unique and can be done with the help of bots.

What is the name of the latest money-making browser refresh website?

You can go to

How do I do it?


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First, you have to register your account. After logging into your account, there will be lots of tasks provided. What’s interesting is refreshing the browser to get paid. Specifically, by downloading the extension in our browser, either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox,
After that, when we browse the internet, there will be advertisements from Ads will change every 10 seconds, and we have to refresh to get paid. The task is quite easy without any skills. How do

I make it auto-refresh?

For automatic refresh so that we don’t manually reload the page every 10 seconds, we use another extension, Tab Reloader. With Tap Reloader, you can determine how many seconds are needed for automatic reloading. So you can leave your laptop silent, and it can work itself automatically.

How much money did you get?

After we tried it, it turned out that there is a difference in payment if we use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For Google Chrome, every reload will get $ 0.000062, while Mozilla Firefox is around $ 0.000085. That’s for 10 seconds; if done for 24 hours, then the results will not be bad.

What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

The amount of balance that can be taken is a minimum of $0.03, and that’s not a large amount. In just a few hours, you can draw.

How do I withdraw?

You prepare your digital wallet, like PayPal or something else, to withdraw. Disbursement goes to the digital wallet within 1–3 working days. Tips and Tricks:

1. Do as many assignments as possible.
2. If using more than one cellphone, use a different network, such as two wifi networks or data packets for each device.
3. Using a different email
4. Combine several other microjob websites for big results.

That’s all the information about automatic browser reloading to get the latest money. I hope to add to your insight. There’s nothing wrong with trying; I hope you are always lucky.

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