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Classic Fishing at Lucky Gold Farm

classic fishing

Classic Fishing at Lucky Gold Farm

This game, which was just released in 2023, is starting to have a lot of interest because maybe it uses real money with a deposit. So we get coins from the game, so we can withdraw them to our digital wallet. Conversely, if we lose, our deposit money will decrease.
The Lucky Gold Farm game provides many game options, one of which is classic fishing. In this classic fishing game, we are given the appearance of being in an aquarium with lots of fish. How to play: We have to kill the fish with the weapons we have.
In classic fishing, this is divided into several levels; the level is determined by the money we have.

Classic Fishing at Lucky Gold Farm

level 1, the condition is that we have zero coins; each shot requires 1-3 coins.
Level 2: You must have 2,000 coins; each shot requires 3–8 coins.
Level 3: You must have 15,000 coins; each shot requires 8–50 coins.
Level 4: You must have 50,000 coins; each shot requires 50–200 coins.
Level 5: You must have 200,000 coins; each shot requires 200–500 coins.
Level 6: You must have 500,000 coins; each shot requires 500–1000 coins.

Different levels provided, of course, will get different prizes too. Moreover, we can kill the boss at that level, so we will get a lot of money. At level 4, using 100 coins, if you can kill the boss, you will get 100,000 coins.


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Classic Fishing Tips and Tricks:

1. Learn first at level 1 without a deposit.
2. First, shoot the smallest fish so that the shot is not wasted.
3. Play for about 3 days to really understand.
4. After understanding, you can exchange your card to get a bomb that you can use.
5. The function of the bomb is to explode everything on the screen except for the boss.
6. If you want to get a big bonus, you have to reach VIP level 4.
7. To reach VIP level 4, you have to deposit around 1,500,000 coins.
8. In the VIP 4 account, you can use the 2x coin feature that you get; for example, if you get 2,000 coins, if you use the 2x feature, you will get 4,000.
9. If you have the 2x feature and the bomb feature, by playing at level 5, you can get 200,000 coins.

That’s all the information about classic fishing at Lucky Gold Farm. I hope it helps you, and don’t deposit too much if you haven’t mastered the game yet.

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