Estimated Cost of Creating a Website or Blog

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Estimated Cost of Creating a Blog

Blogs or websites are media for conveying information or for buying and selling goods. Besides that, it can also be for marketing a product, and there are some people who use blogs to get income from Adsense or other advertising providers.

Someone who is about to start this is sure to ask questions about what is needed and how much it will cost. Indeed, there are services for making blogs ranging from cheap to expensive. What determines whether a blog is cheap or expensive? Let’s discuss them one by one.


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What do you need to create a website or blog online?

What we discuss here is a blog with a TLD or other paid ones, not.blogspot or.wordpress.

1. Domain: The domain is our website address, for example (,,

2. Hosting: Hosting is a medium for storing everything on our website, from images, text, music, videos, and more. So all the files that we display on our domain are stored on the hosting server. A website cannot run without hosting.

3. SSL is a tool to secure our website or blog so that it is verified by search engines. For example, you have opened a website with a warning that the website is dangerous. It indicates that SSL has not been installed on the website. Or when you open, there is an open lock button on the top left.

Those are the three most important things when you want to create a website or blog from scratch. Other things to note, such as themes and designs, can be made by yourself, or some are free too.

What is the estimated cost of making a website or blog?

The cost or estimate depends on the provider you choose. There are several service providers that you can use, such as Exabyte, Niagahoster, and Rumahweb.

1. Domain: domains, it is around $ 8; domains and other countries, it is more expensive, around $ 9–$ 10 dollars.
2. Hosting: hosting costs vary depending on the specifications offered; some offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and speed up. For a standard price of about $25 a year.
3. SSL: SSL costs about $5 a year.
4. The total cost to create a new website is 38 dollars. Actually, it’s not an expensive thing if we do it ourselves.

That’s all the estimation information for making a website or blog. If you have questions, write them in the comments column, and we will help you if you have trouble. There’s nothing wrong with trying; we can learn new things.

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