Game GetRich 2 for Money

getrich 2 get money

Game GetRich 2 for Money

There are lots of micro jobs that can be done to earn money. Of course, only with a cellphone or laptop with internet access. An easy job to do without skill but with a big payoff if done seriously.
To get money just by playing the monopoly game, which went viral last year. Besides being able to fill free time, games can also be entertainment material. Especially if you can make money, it will be very fun.

What is the name of the newest money-making monopoly game site?

You can download it on the Play Store as Let’s Get Rich 2.

How do I do it?


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First, you have to register your account. This game is based on the tutorial. You have to complete the tutorial and get diamonds to play. This game is based on the metaverse, so you choose a character so that you can become a society in the metaworld.
Apart from playing Monopoly, you can also buy a plot of land or goods in the game. As in real life, you can also buy buildings and create offices.
To get money, you can be in the top 10 every day. And the second way is that you buy landmarks and will automatically get money. Like in the real world, you buy a company that will give you profits every time.

How much money did you get?

The money you get can be whatever landmark you have. And how long do we play? Because the higher our level, the greater the income we get.

How do I withdraw?

The withdrawal method provided through the Marblex digital wallet So you have to register for Marblex before transferring to your account.

Tips and tricks:

1. Play the game as long as you can; don’t forget to take a break.
2. If using more than one cellphone, use a different network, such as two wifi networks or data packets for each device.
3. Using a different email
4. Combine several other microjob websites for big results.

That’s all the information about playing Let’s Get Rich 2 to get the latest money. I hope to add to your insight. There’s nothing wrong with trying; I hope you are always lucky.

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