Get Money by Simply Turning On Your Cellphone for 4 hours 2023

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You can get money in 2023 by simply turning on your cellphone for four hours.

Looking for money does not have to be accepted to work in an office. Just from home, you can now earn money. But indeed, those who have skills and experience will have more opportunities to make more money. What if you don’t have the skills and experience?
Of course, you can earn money in one way or another, namely through hard work and smart work. Don’t feel inadequate; if you want something, look for it; you will definitely find it. Don’t give up until you find a way.

How do you get money without skills and experience?

Only with a cellphone and a wifi network will you get money. The money or income referred to here is additional money that is not too large. But if done seriously, it will produce something big.

How can you only turn on your cellphone for 4 hours to get money?

This method can only be done with an Android cellphone. Cannot use iPhone or computer. The method is as follows:

1. Download the macrodroid application from the Play Store.

2. Open the website.


Watch Videos and get money in 2023

money-making game recommendations in 2023, proven

Website for freelancers in 2023

3. is a site that pays you if you complete the tasks assigned.

4. gives assignments to watch short videos and will give you a fee.

5. Every day, there are 600 short videos that you can watch, with a duration of about 10–20 seconds for each video.

6. If you do that manually, you will be bored because you will be watching videos for 4 hours.

7. With the help of the macrodroid application, you can complete the task automatically.

8. So you open Payup, open Macrodroid Settings, and enter the code into Payup, and then it will watch videos and complete tasks automatically. Watch how to set it here.

9. All you have to do is turn on your cellphone and charge it, and if you do anything, the task will be completed.

10. For the 600 videos you have watched, you will get about $0.25, which is indeed not much.

11. But if you do that with 10 HP, then for 4 hours you will earn $2.5. For 30 days, it will be 30 x 2.5 = $75.

Hopefully, this information helps you get additional income. Thank you, good luck, and keep trying.

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