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How to fix the mouse pointer not being visible when installing Windows 10

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How to fix the mouse pointer not being visible when installing Windows 10

Windows is the most popular OS at the moment, and now it has been updated to Windows 11. With updated features and a better appearance.
What is Windows Install?
Is the activity of entering the OS (Operation System) into the computer, either a laptop, PC, or mini PC. So if a computer doesn’t have an operating system, it can’t be operated. Actually, there are various kinds of OS, such as Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android,
When installing Windows, there are often some problems. Because each device will have different problems.

How do I deal with an invisible mouse pointer when installing Windows 10?

Types of problems:

1. The mouse pointer is not visible when installing Windows.
2. The mouse is not detected when installing Windows.
3. The mouse is broken when installing Windows.
4. Don’t have a mouse when installing Windows.
5. Install Windows without a mouse.



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How to fix it:

Actually, the way to solve it is without using the mouse. So install Windows without using the mouse. Only using the keyboard. Here are some keyboard keys to reinstall:

Keyboard Function
F2 / F12 Enter BIOS
up, down, left, and right buttons To make a choice
A For Checklist
Enter For Next or OK
Tab To Select (used if the up, down, left, and right buttons can’t)

Sometimes what often creates confusion when it comes to the checklist stage is “I agree…”
It’s quite easy, namely by pressing the “A” button on the keyboard, and it’s already checked. When creating a partition, you can also use the “Tab” and “Enter” keys.
Hopefully this article helps; if anyone is asked, leave a comment below. Thank You

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