How to play Dragon Tiger at Lucky Gold Farm

dragon tiger tips and trick

How to play Dragon Tiger at Lucky Gold Farm

Even though Lucky Gold Farm hasn’t been officially released on the Play Store, many have played it. The game is quite interesting because it will earn real money. In a day, you can make a profit of up to $100 if the level is already high. How could it not be because this game uses real money to play? One of the games in it is Dragon Tiger.


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What is DragonTiger?

Dragon Tiger is a game with three squares. Box 1 for Dragon as the winner, box 2 if the result is a draw, and box 3 if Tiger wins. In this game, we only guess two cards; the higher the dragon, the higher the tiger, or the two cards have the same value.
For example, if the dragon card is number 8 and the tiger card is number 10, So if we put our money in the tiger, we will get 2x our bet money. Conversely, if we put it on the dragon, the money we bet will be lost.
There is a rule in this game, namely that if we choose a draw and our guess is correct, we will get 8x the money we played. Because draws are rare in this game.

Dragon Tiger Tricks and Tips:

1. Play in beginner mode with a minimum of 200 joins and a maximum of 20,000 coins.
2. Don’t just guess; first understand the flow and then play.
3. Prepare your minimum 9x join capital
4. For example, if you join with 200 coins, the capital you have to prepare is 102,200 coins.
5. From personal experience, the same result is only 8x maximum.
6. Example: Dragon will always win only eight times.
7. Illustration of how to play so that you are always profitable:

a. If you join 200 in Tiger (the winner is Dragon), then you will lose 200 coins.

b. Joining two tigers is twice as much as the first one, or 400 coins (if you win, you will get 400 coins; if you lose, you lose 200 coins, meaning you still earn 200 coins).

c. If you choose the tiger and it turns out you lose, then choose the tiger continuously by joining 2x the coin you lost, and you will still be profitable even if you lose.

d. Because of the experience of successive wins, it only happened eight times. If you apply these tips,

then on your 9th win, you will win Tiger, and you are still lucky.
That’s all the information and tips about the dragon tiger at the lucky gold farm in 2023. Hopefully, this can provide additional information and insight for you. Don’t deposit too much in this game because it hasn’t been officially released on the Play Store.

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