Indonesian Dangdut YouTube Channel Recommendations

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Indonesian Dangdut YouTube Channel Recommendations

Indonesia has a diversity of cultures, one of which is in the art of music. All genres of music exist in Indonesia. Dangdut music is a hallmark of the Indonesian state. The drum instrument is the hallmark of dangdut music itself.

Some Popular Indonesian Dangdut Singers 2023:

1. Deny Caknan
2. Happy Asmara!
3. Yeni Inca
4. Ndarboy Gang
5. Abah Lala
6. Farrell Prayoga
7. Didi Kempot

Of course, there are many others because dangdut music is very popular in Indonesia and internationally.


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The following are recommendations for the Indonesian Dangdut Youtube Channel :

1. DC Productions

This is the YouTube channel of singer Denny Caknan. On his YouTube channel, Denny Caknan sings various songs and duets with other artists. Apart from DC Production, Denny Caknan also has another YouTube channel, namely DENNY CAKNAN.

2. RC Music

Not only Happy Asmara is on the channel, but also other artists.

3. Yeni Inka Channel

In accordance with the name of the YouTube channel, this is the personal channel of singer Yeni Inka.

4. Ndarboy Genk

One of the popular songs is “Koyo Jogja Istimewa ”

5. Abah Lala Official

The song that will go viral in 2022 is “Ojo Dibanding Bandingke”.

6. Didi Kempot’s Official Channel

Apart from that, to find songs and perform Didi Kempot, just search on YouTube, and there will be many YouTube channels showing Didi Kempot songs. Because it is very famous in Indonesia and internationally. Didi Kempot is called “the godfather of broken hearts”. The songs are very loved by young people in Indonesia.

Apart from the famous dangdut singers in Indonesia, there are several well-known dangdut music groups in Indonesia. Such as Monata, Adella, and others. Hopefully, this information is useful for readers and helps introduce Indonesia internationally.

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