Is it possible to use Adsense and Adsense in one blog?

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Is it possible to use Adsense and Adsense in one blog?

One way to make money from blogs is by displaying ads provided by Adsense. But actually, AdSense is not just an ad provider. There are others, such as Adsterra, AdGuru, AdNow, Infolinks, and others. What Adsense and Adsterra often use raises many questions like the following:

1. Can Adsense and Adsterrra be installed on one blog?

2. Is it possible to use more than one advertiser on one blog?

That’s a question that often comes up; actually, the answer is yes or no. Of course, the answer is yes. But there are risks.

For the first question, in 1 blog, you can use Adsense and Adsterra but have a big risk. Adsense doesn’t want ads like Adsterra. Your Adsense account will be banned if you add Adsterra to more than one blog. Because of the nature of Adsterra ads, namely PopUnder Ads.
What are pop-under ads?
In short, it is an ad that redirects to another blog. Example of a blog about downloading games. When you click anywhere on the blog, you will be directed to advertising blogs such as marketplaces, trading, and online gambling.
So the conclusion from the first question is: don’t add other ads besides Adsense ads. One blog is enough for one Adsense ad.


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The second question is whether there can be more than one advertiser on one blog. The answer is yes, with no risk. But there is a condition: the first page of the blog is not associated with Adsense ads. That’s a mandatory requirement because Adsense doesn’t want other advertisers on the same blog.
Second, install advertisers other than Adsense, such as Adsterra combined with Ad.Guru. So in one blog, there are Adsterra and Ad.Guru, which can be added with ClickDealer. Then your income will come from many places.

So this information may be useful for you. Never give up learning because knowledge will not be lost.

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