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Join WhatsApp Grub and Get Money

whatsapp get money

Join WhatsApp Grub and Get Money

There are lots of microjobs that can be done to get money. Of course, only with a cellphone or laptop with internet access. Easy job to do without skills but with little pay. If you can increase this income, that is quite good.
The task is quite easy, just by joining the specified WhatsApp group, you will get money. There are no 5 minutes to do this task.

What is the name of the latest money-making Video Upload website?

You can open the website.

How do I do it?

First, you have to register your account. On this website, you can’t play with multiple cellphones. Only one device for every network After you register, you will enter the site. Select the “available job” menu, it will display several tasks that can be done.


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How much money did you get?

This website is a website from Nigeria, so payments are made in Nigerian currency. For work, there are actually quite a lot, not only joining the WhatsApp group but also other assignments. For the task of joining the WhatsApp group, the fee given is around 10 to 20 naira. At the moment, 1000 naira is equal to $1.26.

What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

The minimum amount of naira you collect must be 2000 naira, or $2.52. So you have to complete many tasks to withdraw.

How do I withdraw?

There is only one withdrawal method, namely bank transfer. So no payment via crypto or digital wallet. What if we are not citizens of Nigeria because of the bank transfer method provided by most banks located in the territory of Nigeria?
For users outside Nigeria, you can use the Zenith Bank and Sterling Bank bank transfer methods. Account registration can be done online in any country. Tips and Tricks:

1. Do as many assignments as possible.

2. If using more than one cellphone, use a different network, such as two wifi networks or data packets for each device.

3. Using a different email

4. Combine several other microjob websites for big results.

That’s all the information about joining the WhatsApp group to get the latest money. I hope to add to your insight. There’s nothing wrong with trying. I hope you are always lucky.

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