List of mobile esports games for 2023

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List of mobile esports games for 2023

Games are no longer just to fill free time; they can also be used to earn income. Many are successful in the gaming world. You can become a gaming YouTuber or an esports player with a salary that exceeds that of a soccer player, buying and selling game items.
We should be proud if we have achievements in the gaming world, because games can make our country proud through esports competitions. What mobile games will be contested?
Indeed, not all games are contested, especially online games, which are often contested at national and international levels. Here are some games that are often contested in 2023.

1. Mobile Legend Bang Bang (MLBB)

Who doesn’t know MLBB, one of the most popular games in the world? There are many famous players in this game. The game played 5 vs. 5 is a team-based game. This pro-player game is expensive because of the many heroes played as well as the skills and strategies used.


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2. Magic Chess Mobile Legend

In the legendary mobile game, there is another related minigame, namely Magic Chess. This game is relatively new and has a lot of fans. Game like a chess board with hero characters in Mobile Legend. This game is more about strategy because it doesn’t use hand speed but uses strategy. This game is a solo player game or can be played by only one person.


It is a war game that is carried out by four people per team. The maximum number of players is 100. Only one team is declared the winner. With the extent of the battle map getting smaller over time, this game is very exciting. Don’t forget the interchangeable character costumes.

4. Clash Royale

This fairly old game is still popular today. The game is individual and can be played by two people. In short, this game protects the king’s castle from collapsing, and the winner is the one who destroys the opponent’s castle faster. It is very interesting because the heroes that are played are also varied and numerous, so it requires a strong strategy.

5. FIFA Mobile 2023

Being a soccer game with very real graphics, like playing soccer on a PS console. Indeed, the game of football is a game that never dies. Very updated from PS 1 to now PS 5. A soccer game that fans are still waiting for. Because cellphone games are so popular, there are soccer games on mobile.

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