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Make Money By Filling out Captchas

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Make Money By Filling out Captchas

Captcha is generally only used for verification when logging into an application or website. But it’s different from this captcha—a captcha that can make money even though the amount is not large. Tasks that are easy to perform and prove rewarding for each completion

What is the name of the latest money-making captcha website?

You can open the website at

How do I do it?

First, you just need to register your account. You can use Gmail. After entering your dashboard menu, just select Start to start the task of filling in the captcha. When you register for the first time, you will be directed to learn and try captcha questions. There are about 20 trial questions, and after that, you can just start to earn money.

How much money did you get?

When filling in the captcha, there will be an explanation of how much money will be given if you succeed in writing the captcha correctly. Prize money ranges from $0.26 per 1000 questions to $0.45 per 1000 questions. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s good enough to be an additional source of income.


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What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

With several options for withdrawals, such as withdrawals in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Payeer, BitcoinCash, and others. Various kinds of withdrawal methods have their own minimum limits. But the smallest amount is Bitcoin Cash. You can withdraw with bitcoin cash if you already have a balance of $0.25. You only need to complete around 1000 questions before you can withdraw.

How do I withdraw?

Since most of the existing methods include investing in cryptocurrencies, you must have an electronic wallet. Register first on electronic wallet provider sites such as or others.

2captcha Tips and Tricks:

1. Solve the Captcha correctly and don’t be hasty. Because if you are often wrong, then your account will be banned.
2. If there are difficult questions, select the button on the left. or the next captcha, don’t force yourself to answer it.
3. By pressing the button, the questions will change.
4. There is a pause in each question after you answer it.
5. The benefits of that time lag Pause for about 10–20 seconds.
6. Use more than 1 HP. Play another cellphone while the main cellphone is paused for the next question.
7. The more cellphones you use and the faster your hands, the greater the income.

That’s all the information about filling in the captcha to get the latest money. I hope to add to your insight. There’s nothing wrong with trying; I hope you are always lucky.

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