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Read Comics and get Money

comics get money

Read Comics and get Money

There are several microjobs available that can be completed to earn money. Of course, only using a smartphone or a computer with an internet connection. Without special abilities, the work is simple but pays poorly. It would be beneficial if you could enhance this income.
You simply need to read the provided comics or novels to complete this minitask. There are many books and comics available, which is great for readers. Because doing work that relates to your hobbies is the most enjoyable work.

What is the name of the application to read the latest money-making comics?

You can open or download the offline reading fizo application.

How do I do it?



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First, you have to register your account. After logging into your account, lots of novels and comics will be provided. From the genres of romance, action, sports, and others. Payment will be given after you finish reading for 5 minutes. Payment will automatically enter your balance.

How much money did you get?

This application provides various novels and comics from Indonesia. Every 5 minutes you read comics or novels, you will be paid 500 rupiah, or the equivalent of 0.05 dollars.

What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

The amount of balance that can be taken is a minimum of 500 rupiah, and there is no deduction for the fee.

How do I withdraw?

The withdrawal method is provided through digital wallets in Indonesia, namely OVO and DANA. Withdrawing is quite easy; just click the withdraw button according to the amount you specify, starting from 500 rupiah to 10,000 rupiah. And the process is very fast; in that minute, the balance will go to your OVO or DANA wallet.

Fizo Tips and Tricks:

1. Do as many assignments as possible.
2. Using a different email
3. Combine several other microjob websites for big results.

That’s all the information about reading comics to get the latest money. I hope to add to your insight. There’s nothing wrong with trying; I hope you are always lucky.

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