Tips for Making Money from the Internet (99Design 2023)

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Tips for Making Money from the Internet (99Design 2023)

99Design is a website that earns money from the internet by competing in terms of design. The designs that are contested also vary from logo designs to clothing designs, web designs, and others. Why is 99Design highly recommended?
Because 99designs is proven to pay, there are about 600 contests that can be followed every day. The prizes are also quite attractive, ranging from $180 to $2000 on average. But in 99Design, there are several levels for designers.
Entry Level: For beginners who are accepted at 99design for the first time. At this level, designers can only participate in 10 contests per month. And with a prize pool of around $180
Mid Level: A Designer who has won the contest and, according to 99designs, deserves to enter Mid Level Designers at this midlevel can enter contests with prizes of $ 180–$ 900 and can enter any contest every day. There are no more restrictions, like at the Entry Level.
Top Level: This is the highest designer level at 99designs. Usually, there are professional designers at this level. The prizes are also very large, starting at $800 to $2,000; just winning once is already a huge prize.


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Tips for Making Money from the Internet (99Design 2023)

1. Buying a mid-level account

Why is the first tip buying a mid-level account? because the selection is very strict to register a new account at 99design. If you are going to register a new account, you must enter a minimum of 6 our design portfolios. After that, we wait in 99Design, it says 2 weeks for portfolio review. But in reality, there are up to 1 month. It took quite a long time, if we used that time to make 10 contests a day, then 300 contests could be done.
In addition, if our portfolio fails, we try again six months after the first submission. So I recommend buying a mid-level account. The price also varies, if you buy in Indonesia, between $150 and $250. Indeed, the price is not cheap either, but at that price, you can immediately return your investment if you win just once at the midlevel.

2. Enter the Logo contest

With many contest categories. Then choose a logo contest because the process is fast and the prizes are big. Instead of creating a web design contest that takes 3 days, you can contest one logo contest for a maximum of 30 minutes if you already have a concept.

3. Choose a simple logo contest

There are several logo contests for clients who want a simple logo, some with illustrations like paintings. If you are working on a complex logo, a lot of time is wasted. Create a simple and elegant logo.

4. Take part in the mid-level contest

Apart from that, the prizes are bigger than the Entry Level. At this midlevel, if you enter the final round, you will already have money. Examples like this
Prize = $480 ($400 + $80)
Number of Final Round Designers: 4
So the Grand Prize is actually $400, and $80 will be divided by the number of finalists. If you enter the final round and lose, you will get $20. So your struggle is not in vain.

Thank you. I hope this article is useful. Write in the comments column if you have any questions.

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