Watch Videos and get money in 2023


Watch Videos and get money in 2023.

Who doesn’t want extra income? Even though you already work in an office or as a freelancer, of course you still really want to have extra income. Additional income, of course, is not as much as the main income.
In 2023, there will be an Android application to earn money by watching videos. Is it proven to pay? or like a pre-existing app?

What’s the name of the application?

CashWin: Make Money, Earn Cash
For how to install it, you can download it from the Play Store, log in with Gmail, or create a new user.

How Does CashWin Work?

The way it works is that when you first log in, you will be given 5000 coins, equivalent to $0.5. In the CashWin application, there are several missions to do in order to get money. Every time you watch a video, you will be paid 500 coins. The duration of the video is also not long—only a few seconds. Apart from watching videos, you can earn money by inviting friends.
$1 needs 10,000 coins.
$2 dollars need 500,000 coins.
$10 needs 2,500,000 coins.


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What is the minimum CashWin withdrawal?

For a minimum withdrawal, you must collect 10,000 coins, or the equivalent of $1. Witdrawal can be done through PayPal. But there is a condition that you have to invite 20 friends to be able to withdraw via PayPal.

Is CashWin proven to pay?

Yes, it is proven to pay while this application can still be used, especially now that you are doing it.

CashWin Tips and Tricks 2023

1. Use a minimum of 10 HP so that the income is bigger.

2. With 10 cellphones, we can easily invite our other cellphones.

3. Use the trick to change the IP of the cellphone or the cellphone Mac so that it is not detected by the application.

4. If you use 10 cellphones, you can get $10 a day.

5. Paying $1 for 10,000 coins is just a promotion. Next, for $1, you may have to collect 250,000 coins.

6. So every time you register, you have completed $1. You withdraw to your PayPal account, uninstallthe application, change the MAC and  IP of your cellphone, and then download the application again.

7. In this way, you will always get a $1  promo for 10,000 coins.

So much information hopefully helps you and provides additional insight. Thank you, good luck, good luck.

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