Games are generally just to entertain and fill spare time. But it’s different from this game, a game that can make money even on an iPhone 14. Games that are easy to play and proven to provide prizes for the winners, especially the big three winners,
The games played are also quite simple and can provide insight. Like games, looking for the same picture, completing simple calculations, and answering questions true or false.


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What is the name of the newest money-making Web 3 game?

You can download this game on the Play Store under the name Reco: Casual Game Competition.

How do I play it?

There are two classes in this game, namely the gold class and the silver class. For the first time you register, you will get 2 silver tickets and 2 gold tickets. In short, every time you start a game, you have to use that ticket. After completing the game, you will get a trophy that can be collected. You can see your ranking in the Leaderboard menu. Every two weeks, it will be announced who the top 3 and top 10 will get prizes from.

How many types of games are there?

This is a small, not complicated, game. There are 3 games in this reco application:

1. Match It

The game equalizes the initially closed pictures. And it can be opened; after that, you match the same picture until all the cards have the same pair of pictures.
In the early levels, there are only 4 cards and a long time. Meanwhile, the more advanced levels of cards used

2. True Or False

In this game, the language used is English, so the questions are also in English. In the game true or false, you are given simple questions and only answer true or false.

3. Math Quiz

Basic math games like subtraction and simple addition If you are in the gold class, it is a little complicated; namely, there is division and multiplication. But don’t panic because you can use a calculator. The time required for the initial level is rather long around 20 seconds. But with more advanced levels, the questions will be more difficult and the time will be shorter.

Reco Game Tips and Tricks:

1. Focus on playing simple and easy games like Math quiz.
2. Because this game can use a calculator.
3. Meanwhile, other games like Match It require hand speed and memorizing the images to be matched.
4. Game true or false; if you are not fluent in English, then this will be difficult.
5. Do the Match Quiz game many times.
6. Choose a class.
7. If your ticket runs out, you can buy it in dollars.

That’s all the information about the latest money making game, hopefully it will add to your insight. There’s nothing wrong with trying, I hope you are always lucky.

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