What’s new in the world of computer technology in 2023?

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ASUS ROG Ally (Source : @_snoopytech_)

What’s new in the world of computer technology in 2023?

Technological advances really help humans complete their jobs and tasks. The following are technological advances in the field of computers in 2023:

  1. PC Mobile Gaming

This is probably the most impressive: a PC the size of a hand-held PC with gaming performance. Able to play PC games with this computer. The shape is like a smartphone tablet, but there are joysticks on either side like a PS stick. But the OS uses Windows 11, so it can do office work too. There is already a well-known brand that produces this computer, namely ROG.


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  1. SSD M.2 Nvme

Advances in computer technology in storage SSDs are a new breakthrough to replace HDDs. The first time the SSD appeared, it was still shaped like an HDD but with a speed of 6GB, while the HDD was only 60 MB fast. After that came the SSD with the M.2 slot, often called the SSD M.2. This SSD M.2 is very small and slim, only as wide as a matchstick and as thin as a PCB. Yes, indeed, because it is only shaped like a PCB. The technology is still the same as the previous SSD. The newest of the SSDs is the SSD M.2 NVMe, with the same M.2 slot but with newer technology, namely a data transfer speed of 20 GB.

  1. External GPU

GPU, often known as a graphics card, which functions to process images This may be very impressive, and this is what the public, especially gamers and video editors, have been waiting for. If we have a PC (Personal Computer), then replacing the GPU is quite easy; just take it out and install a new one. But if we have a laptop, what if it increases the performance of our GPU? Because the GPU on a laptop is generally integrated with the motherboard. With this external GPU, the GPU can be upgraded. So the GPU and laptop can be separated and connected with a cable.

  1. Mini PC

Maybe this technology has been around for a long time. But this year, it began to be mass produced. With so many brands producing mini PC, maybe many will switch to mini PCs instead of PC. Yes, a mini PC is smaller than a PC, it is only the size of a book and can be carried anywhere and is very flexible. The specifications can also be upgraded, like a PC in general.

Advances in technology are indeed very helpful for human work. With new technology, the price is definitely not cheap if it’s still new. Tips from us: Buy a computer according to your needs. If you only need to write and open MS Even with an old-spec computer, there is no problem.

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