Wuling Baojun RC 5 W: A Cool Car at an Affordable Price

wuling baojun rc 5 w

Wuling Baojun RC 5 W: A Cool Car at an Affordable Price

Wuling is already known for its cars, which are tearing apart the global market because of their lower prices and sophistication, which are not inferior to luxury cars. This time, Wuling is bringing back the Baoujun RC 5 Wagon Car, which is very luxurious, especially for young people.

A car with a very elegant design, almost like a slightly shortened Land Rover. You can imagine the elegant appearance of a Land Rover car, but if you want to own one, it is very expensive. Then the Wuling Baojun RC 5 W is the solution.

From the previous Wuling output, this is, in my opinion, the best design of the Wuling car output to date. The exterior and interior design are very nice, making this car the target of many people. Especially for young people, just modifying it a little by changing the wheels and lowering the car a little is already getting better. Because it is equipped with a sunroof, long LED lights behind it, and big BAOJUN writing on the back of the car.


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Following are the specifications of the Baoujun RC 5 W car:

1. Car Dimensions:

Length 4650mm
Width: 1806 mm
Height: 1458 mm

2. Default 18-inch wheels

3. This is the coolest, namely the rear lights with long LEDs with big letters like high-end cars.

baojun led back

4. At the top, there is also a sunroof.

5. Engine 1500 cc, Power 108 HP, Torque 250 nm

6. Capacity of 5 people plus wide luggage behind

7. There are 8 speed changes.

8. The lowest type price is 120 million rupiah in Indonesia, and the highest type price is 230 million rupiah in Indonesia.

There are many choices of these very cars available on the market; it all depends on you, how much money you use to buy a car, and what type of car you are looking for. Cars are used in town or out of town, every day or only a few days a week. That becomes our benchmark before buying a car.

That’s all the information about the Baojun RC 5 Wuling car; hopefully it will add to your insight and information.

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