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5 Apps For Travelling in Indonesia

5 Apps For Travelling In Indonesia

Indonesia has a lot of tourism, including natural tourism, cultural tourism, and many others. Places frequently visited by tourists, such as Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan, NTT, NTB, and others. Of course, the tourists who come to Indonesia are not familiar with the area.

Sometimes tourists are confused about going to another place using what vehicle. Where will you stay while tourists and travelers are going to that place for the first time? Having an application for traveling really helps tourists determine where to stay, with what vehicle to travel.

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Applications for booking hotels, homestays, and travel tickets are very appropriate applications for traveling. Anyone will be able to use it, even if it’s their first time visiting a place. The application is also a separate trust for its users, so don’t be fooled by the price or the quality. The application also makes it easier for tourists to pay because they can use e-money.

Indonesia also has many applications for hotel bookings, buying tickets, and traveling somewhere. Simply download one of the applications, and there will be many features in it. The following are travel applications in Indonesia:

5 Apps For Travelling in Indonesia


Able to order plane tickets, trains, travel, buses, hotels, pay bills, and top up. You can also order entrance tickets to tourist parks. And the unique thing is that there is a pay later feature, so you can pay at a later time. Very interesting, right?


This is a complete application that also provides flight tickets, hotel tickets, car rentals, tourist attractions, and airport taxis. What’s different about this application is that you can rent a car.


Provides airline tickets, hotels, trains, buses, travel, bank, and other payments. This application is quite complete; it has several features that are very suitable for traveling in Indonesia.


It provides flight and hotel packages, trips to several tours in Indonesia, airplane tickets, hotels, and houses, and there is a long stay feature for stays of more than 7 days.

  1. Gojek

It is an online motorcycle taxi application, so tourists can order a motorcycle taxi to go somewhere by riding a motorcycle. Or there are also gocars that use cars, so they can be used for more than one person. Gojek has also developed an application for ordering food under the name GOFOOD. So this application is very helpful for tourists who come to Indonesia. Tourists can order food and move easily. You will no longer be confused about being in a new area in Indonesia.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope that your visit to Indonesia will be very pleasant and memorable. And you come back to Indonesia again with more friends and family.

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