Get free capital of $500  for Trading

Trading free

Get free capital of $500  for Trading

Trading becomes an investment or a business to make money. Of course, to trade, you must have capital first. There is capital obtained from mining or with your own money.
From trading, someone can get $1–$1000 per day, depending on the capital used. What if someone gives you free capital? Of course it will be fun because the more capital we have, the more profit we get.
There is a website for trading that gives capital up to $500 for free to its users.

What is the name of the latest money-making Video Upload website?

You can open the website at

How do I do it?


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First, you have to register your account. There are two options when registering: “Register for a Demo Account” and “Register for a Real Account”. To get capital up to $500, you must register a real account. After that, you have to enter a photo ID, your address, and others according to your identity.
After you register, there is a capital requirement of 50% of the capital you deposited. The total capital is $500,, so if you deposit $100,, you will add $50  in capital. So the total that can be used for trading is $150, but what can be withdrawn is only your main capital plus profit. Free capital cannot be withdrawn. But this is quite helpful because if we have a lot of capital, there will be a lot of profit because what is calculated is a percentage.

How much money did you get?

You can get whatever money you want, depending on the knowledge and capital used.

What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

The minimum amount to withdraw is 15 dollars; if it is less than that, it cannot be withdrawn.

How do I withdraw?

There are quite a lot of withdrawal methods, from bank transfers to neteller, Fasapay, Skrill, and Perfect Money. Please note that your bank transfer name must match your XM account to speed up the transfer and deposit process. Tips and Tricks:

1. Trade with as much capital as you can and don’t force it.
2. Choose a crypto coin that is in the top 10 in the world.
3. Choose only short-term trading so that you can get profits faster.
4. Start trading when the price is at its lowest.

That’s all the information about getting a free capital of $500  for trading. I hope to add to your insight. There’s nothing wrong with trying; I hope you are always lucky.

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