Tour of the Mandalika circuit area of Indonesia in 2023

Tour of the Mandalika circuit area of Indonesia in 2023

The MotoGP race schedule is already underway for 2023. Of course, it will also take place in Indonesia, namely on the Mandalika circuit. MotoGP in Mandalika, Indonesia, will be held in October 2023. Apart from watching MotoGP races, of course, tourists can also enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia.
There are many tours that must be taken if you are in the Mandalika area of Indonesia. The beauty of nature and culture is a separate value for Indonesia. Indonesia is a country with a variety of cultures and abundant natural wealth.
The following is a tour of the 2023 Indonesia Mandalika Circuit area.

1. Merese Hill

merese hill

Merese Hill, Image Source :

A beach with hills around it. During the rainy season, the hill will look very green as far as the eye can see. Besides that, on the hill of Merese, you can see the sunrise and sunset.
Many tourists go camping there. There are also cows or buffaloes that are eating grass in the hills. Maybe this is a pleasant experience if you come to the hill merese.


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2. Villages of Sade and Ende

village sede and ende

Village of Sade and Ende, Image Source :

Because Indonesia has a variety of cultural treasures, in the Mandalika area there is also cultural tourism, namely in the villages of Sande and Ende. villages that are still original in culture, traditional houses that are still original, traditional clothes, and ways of socializing that are still like the old days. This is a unique tour where you can get to know Indonesian culture.

3. Tanjung Aan Beach

tanjung aan beach

Tanjung Aan Beach, image source :

Beach with white sand and very clear water. This beach is very beautiful because the water is blue and there are cliffs and coconut trees around it.

Apart from that, there are still many other tourist attractions close to the Mandalika circuit, namely in the area of the island of Bali. From Mandalika to Bali, if you use land and water routes, it will take around 6 hours. While using the plane for about an hour.

Let’s watch MotoGP at Mandalika Indonesia, and don’t forget to also enjoy Indonesia’s natural and cultural tourism. You will not be disappointed with Indonesia’s natural and cultural riches.

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