Toyota Yaris Cross Engine Specifications

yaris cross

Toyota Yaris Cross Engine Specifications

The 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross is equipped with a 4-cylinder Dual VVT-i engine with a capacity of 78 kW and 138 Nm of torque.
There is a choice between a 5-speed manual transmission and a CVT with adequate response performance.
With a fuel-efficient engine,
the Toyota Yaris Cross offers low ownership costs without compromising its sophistication and toughness in the field.

Dimensions of the Toyota Yaris Cross

The brand-new Yaris Cross is 4,310 mm long, 1,770 mm wide, 1,615 mm tall, and has a 2,620 mm wheelbase.
The Toyota Yaris Cross 2023 has a high rocker panel height of up to 260 mm, making it well-suited to accompany you on trips through mountains or along the coast.
This modest front-rear overhang, which has approach angles of 19° and 28°, enables this light off-roader to safely negotiate a range of road conditions.
In addition, a single SUV is more than adequate for making rapid maneuvers in parking lots or on u-turn highways.

Exterior of the Toyota Yaris Cross

The brand-new Toyota Yaris Cross can deliver a pleasurable driving experience that matches active and daring spirits.

The Toyota Yaris Cross debuts with the “Solid & Dynamic” concept and sports the distinctive design of a Toyota SUV, complete with a small cabin and a large body. Assimilating into the strong, stern character lines. The adventurous vehicle’s svelte and dignified image is further emphasized by the crisp profile and several trapezoidal grilles at the top and bottom.

The car’s side aspect is given a complete and sturdy impression by a variety of outward features, like the rear sloping roof design combined with wide fenders.
Additionally, the 2023 Toyota Yaris Cross’s LED taillight and rear bumper designs convey the assurance and durability of an adventure car.
Naturally, this design enhances the popular urban SUV style, which offers a stable driving experience.

Interior of a Toyota Yaris Cross

The interior of the Toyota Yaris Cross is roomy enough to accommodate a journey with family or friends.
Only the Toyota Yaris Cross 2023 offers roomy seating for five passengers, the largest trunk in its class, and plenty of space between the front and rear passengers.
Additionally, the brand-new Yaris Cross’s cabin amenities are on par with those of the automobile sector above them.

Toyota Yaris Cross pricing in 2023

Here is a list of prices for the Yaris Cross 2023 that is now being driven around Jakarta:
1.5 G M/T IDR 351 million Yaris
1.5 G CVT Yaris Cross IDR 364 million
IDR 407,000,000 for a Yaris Cross 1.5 S CVT
GR Parts Aero Package for the Yaris Cross 1.5 S CVT, IDR 417,000,000
Young C. Ross IDR 440.6 million for a 1.5 S Hybrid CVT
IDR 449.95 million for the Yaris Cross 1.5 S Hybrid CVT GR Parts Aero Package

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