Website for freelancers in 2023

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Website for freelancers in 2023

Work does not have to be in an office with neat, fragrant, and clean clothes. Now you can also work from home on your own time. You don’t have to leave at 08:00 and come back at 17:00.
Working from home doesn’t affect the salary either. Many freelance workers are paid more than those who work in offices. Freelancers must at least have the internet or a laptop. Because this work is done online.
Here are four websites for freelancers that are proven to pay and have large salaries.

1. 99Designs

99Designs is a website design contest for various designs. Logo design, t-shirt mockup, tattoo, packaging Contests were held more than 500 times per day. This site is proven to pay because it has been trusted by international-level designers and large corporate clients. Contest prizes range from $30 to $3000, which is quite an interesting prize. Payment will be transferred to PayPal with a maximum period of 4 working days.


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2. Fivver

Website for international freelancers founded in 2010 This website is very famous because almost all jobs are available here. From logo design, digital marketing, writing, video animation, music, programming, and photography. So your chances of getting a project here are pretty good too.

3. Upwork

Almost the same as the previous website, Upwork also provides a wide range of job openings in all fields. Here, customers can see your profile and the rating of your profile. So the possibility of getting a job is greater if your rating is good.

4. Projects

For you freelancers in Indonesia, this is the biggest freelancer website. Many jobs are offered in technology. From 3D modeling, data entry, data mining, and social media. But there are also teachers, personal assistants, and article writers.

Before you choose a job as a freelancer, It is advisable to have prior experience in the field you are interested in. Just one field that you choose and be the best and most professional in. Tips from us: You should take a course or receive training so that you have a certificate in a related field. So that other people trust you more.

Hopefully, this information can be useful for readers and add insight.

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